Recipes for Disaster

(Version em Portuguese)

When you think of disasters, perhaps some secret part ofyou thrills at the idea of something happening, something interrupting the tedious routines that comprise existence for so many of us. YOU might not be ready to own up to actually desiring one, but a disaster would at least offer a chance to escape your cage and explore the unknown for a little while. What anguish, to live in longing for a reprieve from your own life, never knowing when or if it might come!

Or perhaps you cringe at the word, thinking of all the senseless tragedy and loss of life that real disasters entail. In that case, it may have already occurred to you that we are in the midst of the most terrible slow-motion disaster in history, as the natural environment is utterly laid to waste and the diversity of human experience is steamrolled into the monoculture of capitalism. In such a disaster, you can't cook out of the books your ancestors developed for more peacehl times.

Whether disaster is something you privately pine for or desperately hope to escape, one thing is for certain-the old recipes won't suffce anymore. We need reapes for disaster. Here they are.

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